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From now on, this is our Official Blog, as official as things get around here.

While I have you, here’s a reminder: there are free poetry contests closing soon, and you should participate! Look at these themes:

Nobody’s Shadow - A Young Poets’ Contest - Enter here!

  • Running from October 14 to January 31 (5 days to go)
  • First prize: 50.00 USD
  • Free Entry!

Our first contest for poets under 18 year of age is titled Nobody’s Shadow. The theme is centred around independence, but without losing sight of the other that one must contrast against: a shadow needs a sun. Tell us of your experiences, expectations or lack of them. Tell us about your hopes, fears and dreams, but importantly, tells us about how you feel. The maximum entry length is 200 words. The first prize is $50. Enter the poetry contest here!

Tall Tales - Enter here!

  • Running from October 01 to January 31 (5 days to go)
  • First prize: 50.00 USD
  • Free Entry!

Are the tallest tales the bravest, with the highest stakes and most valiant outcomes? Are they stories about small people daring to dream big? Or is your idea of a tall tale a more cynical one that eschews recounting morals and achievements. Let’s come together with our multiple interpretations of the topic. You are free to write in any style you choose, just write for impact. Even prose is fine as long as you adhere to the word limit of 500 words. Enter the poetry contest here.

To read more about the free poetry contests we run, check out Poethood.com.